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Awwrawr I'm Tango Tinamarie ************************************************************************* furry feral fire freak
I'm a 26 year old (born 4/23), polyamorous, naturist, queer, AFAB, (mainly female pronouns) gender fluid/gender neutral human with a deep appreciation for all forms of androgyny, consensual sexuality, and diversity in general. ************************************************************************** I'm a fire dancer, model, artist, and photographer. I'm now booking for photo shoots and fire performance. E-mail me if you are interested in hiring me for an event or collaborating on a project! phoenixfloe@gmail.com
nature freak, lioness, fire hearted, child of the forest, chaos magician and tree whisperer **************************************************************************
This blog is body positive and self love&care oriented. I occasionally write about mental illness, (SPD/bipolar/GAD) chronic pain, (Interstitial Cystitis) alternative medicine (primarily cannabis and diet), nudism, body hair and other often somewhat controversial stuff. I tag trigger warnings.
I like how androgynous I look here. :)

I like how androgynous I look here. :)

Anonymous asked: You said you have a master. What does that mean?

He’s kind of my third partner but really only on a friendship/master/pet level. I had been friends with him for a few years before he asked me to be his pet and we had gotten frisky a bit here and there haha but nothing serious. So basically, he asked me if I would be a submissive little puppy pet for him to command. I was overjoyed with the proposal hehe. He tells me to do sexy things and take photos or videos for him when I’m away from his area. It’s been sooooo long since I have been able to go see him, but I send him photos and love all the time. I finally get to see him again next week. Yaaaaay! When I’m with him, I do as he wishes hehe and it’s always wonderfully magical and fun. I wear a collar and tail and eat out of a puppy bowl on the floor - he’s getting a leash for me soon. He’s such a dream. Hehe

vincent86us asked: Every time I look at your blog it fills me with such joy. You are such a lovely person. Which of your blogs do you enjoy working on the most?

Yay thank you! I’m so glad :))) I enjoy both of them a lot, but I’m more active on this one, and I definitely get more out of my experience here. I would get waaaay more into the other one if I could figure out a payment processor to use that isn’t bullshit haha

clitney-houston asked: were you at starwood 2014 in pomeroy, ohio? i think i might've seen you there but i wanted to ask anyway

Yess! It was AMAZING! It was my first year there and after experiencing 6 festi-full years, it was the absolute hands down best I’ve ever been to. :) Yay Starwood! I made some posts about it a while back, I think I tagged them all Starwood too :)

Anonymous asked: You're such a beautiful soul. People like you make the world a better place.:)

Thank yooou (: such sweetness :) much love to you, dear anon!

Anonymous asked: Eww ur hair is so disgusting

Still not sure how hair growing naturally on a human body can be considered disgusting without some other element added to it - like body odor or blood or something.. I’m a clean person, and I smell great with or without body hair. In fact, I’ve noticed that my armpits actually smell better since I stopped shaving them. I’ve heard a few other people say the same and others have said the same of them and myself too - like partners and such. I eat really healthy, shower regularly, and sometimes if I’m going to be extra active or it’s super hot, I’ll wear all natural powder deoderant that smells amazing. Both my partners loooove it and think I smell great regardless. :)

I wonder what makes people think that some body hair is disgusting when head hair, arm hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, leg hair on men bla bla bla are considered not disgusting. It’s the same thing. It’s just hair. People get so worked up over it, and it truly baffles my mind every time. It’s absolutely amazing to me how many people actually fall victim to bullshit, nonsensical conditioning, especially to the point where they get emotional over what someone else’s body looks like, often a complete stranger. I try to stay in awe about it all, because otherwise I just get really sad. When I let the reality of the thing sink in, I, honestly, find it terribly, disturbingly sad.

Hold your opinion that my hair is disgusting all you want. That’s yours to own. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Personally, what sickens me is the fact that the majority of little girls get told from a young age basically that if they don’t regularly remove large areas of something that grows naturally and is perfectly healthy to have from their bodies, they will be regarded as ugly and disgusting and be ridiculed. Being mean to people for no good reason is disgusting. Little girls being tricked into believing they will only be loved and accepted if they have silky smooth skin all over, that in their natural form, unchanged, they will never be considered attractive and will always be looked down upon on some level - that’s disgusting. It is actually psychologically damaging and truly emotionally heart wrenching for a young mind to experience that kind of ostracism, and it can take years to recover. Many people never do. It’s real, and it’s really wrong. It is another weight adding to the collective insecurity and low self esteem of young people. These weights add up and often equal debilitating depression and even suicide. It’s actually quite a serious issue, in my opinion, because of how many people it successfully holds back from achieving their potential and even more so, because of how many people it completely debilitates.

It’s sad to see people who are so jaded that they lack compassion for their fellow humans on even basic levels and spew their flagrant disregard all about the place with fervor. Whether it be friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, or complete strangers on the web - in my opinion, making mean spirited jabs designed to bring people down is abhorrent behavior. I truly hope you grow into a more caring and open minded individual in the future. Best wishes to you, dear anon.

This is the view from my new room (and REPTAR) hehehe the water from the river/pond thing flows right under the front windows…so cool. There are windows instead of walls for the most part and skylights too. The glass table is Dylan’s desk and mine is an awesome drafting board also overlooking the pond. Soooo much prettyyyy nature amazingnesses!!!



We got the house to ourselves finally and got to be all nudie all day! It was wonderful. :)

Proper cooking attire :)

Phoenix Floe Shot by Delphias