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Awwrawr I'm Tango Tinamarie ************************************************************************* furry feral fire freak
I'm a 26 year old (born 4/23), polyamorous, naturist, queer, AFAB, (mainly female pronouns) gender fluid/gender neutral human with a deep appreciation for all forms of androgyny, consensual sexuality, and diversity in general. ************************************************************************** I'm a fire dancer, model, artist, and photographer. I'm now booking for photo shoots and fire performance. E-mail me if you are interested in hiring me for an event or collaborating on a project! phoenixfloe@gmail.com
nature freak, lioness, fire hearted, child of the forest, chaos magician and tree whisperer **************************************************************************
This blog is body positive and self love&care oriented. I occasionally write about mental illness, (SPD/bipolar/GAD) chronic pain, (Interstitial Cystitis) alternative medicine (primarily cannabis and diet), nudism, body hair and other often somewhat controversial stuff. I tag trigger warnings.
Found this at a local thrift store and haaaaad to buy it. Hehehaha
(The shirt doesn’t lie.)

Found this at a local thrift store and haaaaad to buy it. Hehehaha
(The shirt doesn’t lie.)

Good morning faces for you!

Leaving Maine for Gathering of the Viiibes! Wheeee

Apple faced in my downeast Maine home. :)

Apple faced in my downeast Maine home. :)

Anonymous asked: Hello. I absolutely love how positive you are about your body hair. I have a lot of body hair also and honestly thought that this sort of things isn't common. I shave my face and often my chest and stomach and I desperately hope to be as confident and carefree as you are. I'm working on it, but it isn't easy. Thanks for having this blog though, it will definitely help me on my journey. Take care xx

You are so very welcome, dear anon! I wish you an abundance of love, light, and caring support on your journey. :)

kittywhiskerss asked: I just read your response to the anon who called you gross. I can tell that you take that hate and use it to grow from and love your body hair even more. I've recently been able to look at myself and said I looked beautiful. I just wanted to say you're a great inspiration and I love how intelligent and lovely you are. ❤️ thank you.

Aww thanks so much, kitty love! Sending you many well wishes and sweet faerie kisses!

Anonymous asked: Will you marry me?

Oh boy, cutie little round faced anon! I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to ask! I just thought you might be too cool for me with your dark shades, mysterious shadow, and all.. Of course I’ll marry you! :*

Anonymous asked: I'll answer your questions a regarding body hair "is it not just as gross on men?" Yes, it is. It's for my girlfriend that I keep myself adequately shaven. As gas as why it's gross, have you ever gone down on an absolutely wild bush? Yeah it gets in your nose, caught in your teeth ect. Nasty. As well, body hair retains odor

Ah yes of course…same old answers I used to get on reddit and such. This comes down to a simple difference in opinion. And in response I say, all the power to you. Enjoy what you prefer. Still doesn’t justify shaming others for what they prefer. If you don’t like it, stop looking at it and do something else, perhaps? What’s the point of shaming someone who clearly loves their body hair? What does that accomplish other than making you look like a jerkface?

To answer your question, I have absolutely gone down on untamed bush and I enjoyed every moment of it, unlike the few times I have gone down on or given blow jobs upon shaved nethers which was incredibly uncomfortable. Even if the person had just shaved that day, I always ended up feeling some level of sandpaper effect and within a day or two it’s practically porcupine material. Ouch! I’ll take a hair or two in the mouth over that ANY day. I don’t see what is “gross” about getting a hair or two in the mouth. It’s just hair. If it’s clean there should be no problem…I just, ya know, take it out and keep going. In fact I can take it out without even stopping usually. (I can’t say I’ve ever had an issue with it in my nose, perhaps I just never noticed.) I could see someone thinking hair in the mouth or nose, if it causes discomfort, is annoying or whatnot but I really have no clue how you jump from there straight to “nasty.” Dirty poopy baby diapers - nasty. Drunken puke of Chinese food - nasty. Hawking a big green lougie at someone’s face - nasty. Rancid fish and milk - nasty. Accidentally eating very moldy food - nasty. But body hair? I really just don’t get the comparison. If I don’t wear deoderant, my armpits smell much worse when I shave them than when I don’t. I’ve noticed this many times over. But also, I often wear all natural powder deoderant which keeps my armpits smelling lovely all day especially with the hair there to keep the powder from just rubbing right off onto my clothes. No one has complained and I work in professional settings in addition to my performance and artistic work. My bush makes no difference whatsoever that I or any of my partners have noticed in the smell of my vagina. Since I clean it every time I shower, I don’t see why it would.. Hmm

Well thanks for your response! Well wishes! :)



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